ICQ — New Design by Leon Bakadorov

The task – to make video chat a dream . Leon was convinced that video chat dream – it is the easiest video chat . That’s why he made a complete focus on the content – users video in full screen and navigation buttons to a minimum ( most necessary ) . It is enough to make a swipe to the left and there is a text chat in which you can send images , stickers , audio files , and of course text.

An important part of the application is the section “Discover”, which are the most popular video broadcasts from around the world , as well as a LIVE- chat .

Section 1 reports to simplify creating crystal clear and easy divine design. The setting of dialogue or conversation, he made quite interesting – each item has its own icon that makes the setting very pleasant .

As a result, Leon was able to create a simple , intuitive design and appetizing , with whom you want to communicate .

– Leon Bakadorov

By the end of the competition was less than 14 days, and it lasted for 3 months ! But Leon did not give up and operated . In Adobe Photoshop CC , he draw every mobile application screen , adjust the media content .

For each screen graphics he needed , so he carefully looked for them on Google. With these images Leon has shown the possibility of the application , so that users have been inspired for new achievements .


– Leon Bakadorov

Leon have published this project on Behance https://www.behance.net/gallery/34279897/ICQ-New-Design and people appreciate it . Some , he was surprised : “ICQ is still alive ? ” .

Most people pointed out that the design is remarkably simple, clean and pleasant . And there are even those who immediately ran to the App Store, to download the application .

– Leon Bakadorov


About Leon Bakadorov

Leon Bakadorov is creating a divine design. Divine design gives the impression that causes aesthetic and emotional pleasure , stimulating visitors to become customers .

He has a high aesthetic taste , strive for simplicity and perfection . He like to create a design that will be user humans . He definitely make our world a better place .