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Identity for Beerophilia club

Identity for Beerophilia club

Andriy Muzichka
August 19, 2016
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Beerophilia club – is a new brand which unites real beer esthetes and makes a gastronomic cult of it. They can tell you a lot of interesting things: at what temperature the bouquet of India Pale Weisen reveals best, why the orange French cheese Mimolette complements the taste of the trappist beer Rochefort and what aftertaste Chimay Blue will offer you.

As the symbol of the club we chose the key like the аccеss for real beer lovers. The head of the key is in the form of a bottle-opener, while the key-bit is in the form of а hop to create association with the brand activities. To add more workmanship to the logotype we used the ragged edges.

While designing our corporate identity we used the handicraft style. Basic materials are handmade and the logotype is in the form of a stamp for best usability on different surfaces.

As usual we started with pencil and paper for brainstorming with a team.
Then we created vector logo in Adobe Illustrator.
We made the stamp with logotype to be placed on different packs. Also we produced the wax stamp in shape of hop for using on products.

For design process we used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Canon EOS.

At the start of our project the club's founder conducted a master class with tasting beer and teaching a serving rules. We have discovered a new beer culture with a huge number of varieties, with interesting legends about the creation of the beverage and a history of the development of the famous beer brands.

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