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Identity design for Vantastic Diary

Identity design for Vantastic Diary

Tippaya Tippun
October 21, 2017
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Vantastic Diary: (Vantastic mean van + fantastic) A story of the journey by the guitarist who travels by his Volkswagen van called "Khun Thong Dee" on a facebook page. He Loves Vintage - Style and Passionate about a vintage car, Especially Volkswagen Van.

All of the idea and concept come from my employer who owner Vantastic Diary on a facebook page.
I'm trying to understand the concept for a project include his taste such as colors, Things he likes, his style or anything he told me.So I collected all information and set the direction to design by search relevant inspiration resemble making "mood board" and then I'm sketching logo, many kinds of a logo to present him.

I create my artwork by Pen mouse and use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration.The first I'm sketching in my sketchbook, and Take a photo my sketch.Send the sketch photo to my computer.If I want to make illustration I will open my sketch photo for drawing and painting in Adobe Photoshop but If I want to make logo or vector picture I will open my sketch photo for creating artwork in Adobe Illustration.

Most people rather give a good response to my project such as they reacted like when I'm posting the project on my facebook, appreciate me on Behance, Someone told me by chats,

I think I learn about adaptation, observation, a variety of styles and working with others.

Work with your heart ?
If you love your work, Everyone will love too.

Tippaya Tippun

Freelance Graphic designer/illustrator who love cats and drink coffee too much. Thailand.

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