Identity Design

The goal of this project was to create a personal visual identity. This is a hard job, one of the hardest someone can do, and my personal branding will continually evolve as I grow as a designer. I created a personal logo, resume, cover letter, references page, thank you note, business card, and also developed an online presence on many online media platforms such as: Behance, LinkedIn, Instagram, and About.Me. The end goal was to represent myself as a designer on paper, and to communicate my ideas to potential employers, fellow designers, and clients.

My personal brand encompasses my style as a designer and also incorporate a few of my characteristics. Being a modern, simple, and straight-to-the-point person leads the way for this project, and I structured my logo, business card, resume, and other documents off of my personality. Keeping with a neutral color palette, I combined my selected color scheme (black-and-white with a warm sand color) with a formal typeface. This mixture of warmer colors and a cooler font keeps things balanced; not overly stimulating or too formal or bland.

For this project, I used a variety of programs and skills. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator were my go-to’s, and I mainly used these three software tools to develop my personal brand. The typography of my project was developed in Illustrator and Photoshop, while my letterhead materials were created mainly using InDesign. My personal logo was developed on paper first in the progression of sketches, and then further developed in Adobe Illustrator.

Overall I think my peers and the viewers of my work responded well to my brand. I have had companies, representatives, and architects reach out to learn more about my process, my work as an interior designer, and wanting to learn more about who I am as a creative individual. I learned a great deal from creating an entire brand- most importantly to keep in mind that this project will forever be evolving, changing, and updating as I progress through my career. Successfully using the Adobe Creative Cloud programs and advancing my knowledge of these tools came along with completing this project for myself. Lastly, talking to other designers and experiencing how they represent themselves and their personal voice was an essential part in choosing my own voice and learning how to represent myself in a new way.

Matthew Ballard

About Me,

Originating from Chagrin Falls in Northeast Ohio, I have been a Columbus transplant for the past few years, coming to the city to pursue a career in interior design and architecture. Alongside the emphasis on our community’s wellbeing, the progressive approach to make Columbus an inclusive home for all has greatly inspired my design style.

I want to influence our culture with my artistic voice, reinforcing the idea that anyone can feel at home when good design is paired with an accepting, open mind.


Matthew Ballard