ANORR Salon Identity by Molto Bureau

We have created new identity for brand ANORR. It’s a family beauty salon that focuses both on men and women. A feature of the salon is the orientation on family pastime. Here you can get not only all kinds of service for each family member but also sip a cup of coffee with branded chocolate on the terrace surrounded by nature.

The brand name ANORR consists of the women’s abbreviated names of one family. The letter R has become key element of branding which means the surname that unites these women. The typography underlines the strict lines logo. We have chosen black and white color palette emphasizing the laconic and premium style.

After receiving and processing the brief from the client we met with our team for brainstorming. Paper and pencils were useful to us at that time. We were looking for right images and associations.
Then we created vector logo in Adobe Illustrator.

After some time of our hard work it has been chosen some options for presenting to the client. Selected version of logo was further perfected and shown on various elements of identity. For the design process and presentation we used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Canon EOS.

This project was really interesting and special for us. From the beginning we worked with a team of interior designers A44. All visual perception made in the general style and should cause a feeling of luxury and comfort at the same time.

Molto Bureau

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