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identity me

identity me

Matúš Pisarčík
January 5, 2018
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I am fascinated by the nature and human body and their connection. This project (or little series of photos) is about connecting myself to the nature. This series is a metaphor of a long process, by which I'm returning back into intimite and natural level of being. You can hear silent screams of nature and gestures of anxiety, which are domesticated but beautiful.

Nature, human body and a character of specific moods are main features of analysis in each of my projects (whether it's photography or video).
Photos from this series were always taken at night. This way of creating helps me to express my thoughts. I have experimented with lighting this time, I tried lighting with headlights only which I attached the colored foil upon...

None. The photos were specially created on a digital camera in this case. In the case of photographic projects, I work with an analog camera. In this series, I chose the digital camera, even this is probably sign of this unusual project. Although in this case most of the work was dependend on darkness and light.

I don't know. I didn't have a chance to get any reactions yet and I didn't present this project publicly yet, I mean in galleries or so on. 
If I learned anything from this project? I was alone in the night forest only with the car and with loud music. I have learned to see the forest when it is not seen. I learned not to be afraid!

Matúš Pisarčík

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