Igloo Cat Litter Box

Igloo cat litter box has large hidden enclosed dome space, fits for big cats up to 7kg. It allows cats to do their business in a private space. This extra large covered cat toilet is the best gift for kitten lovers.

Inspired by the Eskimo snow house, I try to solve some problems in the process of raising cat in an elegant way which offers a much more pleasant living experience for both cats and cat lovers. In order to keep cats healthy, we choose the anti-bacteria material.

Jumbo Litter Box Room.

The round shape of Igloo Litter Box makes it large enough for average cats to comfortably turn around and dig. The wide entrance allows cats within 7kg to walk through easily. It is one of the largest product of its kind.

Covered Enclosed Space.

Allows cats to do their business in a quiet, safe and private space. Keeps the bad smell off the interior space. Prevents small dogs and children from enjoying the “treats” inside.

Long clean grid.

The long clean grid at the entrance can help cats clean the litter in their paws everytime they walk out, nearly eliminates litter tracking and provides a clean space for cat owners.

Easy to Clean.

Just lift the lid, grab the scoop, the arced front edge matches Igloo’s contours for thorough scooping. You can also easily attach the scoop at the edge of base after cleaning.

After getting inspiration from igloo, I did some market research first. In that step, I collected a large number of cat litter boxes with different structures, shapes, functions. When I decided to start this project, I drew some rough sketches on paper, and then used Maya to build 3D model. The most excited moment is I got the 3D printed model for test from the factory.

When samples were finished, I invited some cat lovers to test. People love my project, they left me many suggestions to improve my design. From this project, I learned how to make a real product from an idea, step by step.

Susan Yang