IKPRO | Company Profile

IKPRO for real estate and contracting wanted to have a profile for the company. IKPRO based in Cairo, Egypt and started in 2015 with local clients but with a massive scope of work in the same year. And now the scope of work is expanded through Sheikh Zayed, Madinty, Al Mokkatem, 5th settlement, and Hadayeq Al Ahram. IKPRO specialized in general buildings, civil engineer and interior decor.

I started to study other companies profile and all of them were straight to the point to let the reader know what hesshes looking for and also can predict what comes on the way. I chose the linear style because as I mentioned before, being straight to the point is something really required. I used the material as a massage, as an example; the pictures I chose to describe each topic must let the reader know what he’s going to read or know, everything must be related to each other. The colors… I’m a big fan of black and white because they give a sense of modernism.

I used Adobe Photoshop. I started to collect my data and materials then made a quick sketch to filter everything. I started with the cover of course, I wanted it black with texture on it. Then I chose the text, I wanted it to be clear and beautiful then everything started to find it’s way through the pages. And to let the client know how the final result is going to be I downloaded the right mockup to present the work.

The client was very happy, and I sent it to some of my friends and they liked it also. And some gave me tips to use them in future projects, it’s always good to see people support you but what is great that someone tells you about a small detail that can make your project go from good to great. The project taught me that layout is fun not like what I’ve imagined.

Baher Daif

A man who can find himself in Art and Science, a man who never stop learning and always hungry for more information and applications. Curious about everything related to his work, he gets his inspirations from reading many books. Because he believes that a moving target is really hard to shot down and this our world is all about.