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Illustrated Book Cover Series

Illustrated Book Cover Series

Rebecca Edwards
August 15, 2019
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For a project assigned to me while I am in the process of obtaining my MFA from Liberty University, I decided to create three book covers of the Brontë sisters most popular books. I chose to do this because I love Jane Eyre (it is my favorite book and movie) and I am a big fan of the Brontë sisters and their work. My plan was to keep each sister black using varying line widths throughout and then choosing a bright color for each background cover. I wanted it to feel modern but with a classic touch by using a realistic portrait.

I researched each author and decided to draw each. I wanted it to feel modern and cohesive so I kept the style of the illustration similar while also coordinating the color pallet so that they blended well together. The simplicity of the color and line work was to give the overall look a subtle modern aesthetic.

Adobe Illustrator - I sketched out each sister and the lettering for the last name. I brought my sketches into illustrator and used mainly the pen and width tool to get the look I was going for. I used the pencil tool to do the hand lettering and the type on path tool to flow the quote in around each sister's hair.

I received a good grade on the project and a fairly positive response via social media and behance. I am in the process of still trying to get my name out there so I do not have as much of a response as I would like to via the internet. I mainly do this because I love it so regardless I enjoyed this process.

Rebecca Edwards

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