Illustrated Coffee Cups

I submit for a personal project made for the #inktober2017 challenge on Instagram for illustrators.
I hand draw about 28 cups of portraits about famous people and others concepts like love, discovering, etc. Here you can see some of the examples.

To see the whole collection please go to my Instagram @cecisanchezs

A first collection was made to collaborate in a coffee event at Le Meridien Hotel in Barcelona called #coffeebrewedhere. The coffee cups for this event were made with Judit Maldonado, an awesome girl and illustrator from Barcelona. Nowadays you can see them at Le Meridien HUB.

First, I started looking out for a picture or some inspiration to draw, then I did some sketches in my notebook to try a composition so therefore I replicated them directly on the cups. I bought a bunch of copic ciao markers and started to paint. That was the funniest part of it all! I tried the color palette on my sketches and sometimes depending on the portrait I stayed with Black and White.

The reaction was really good! I was amazed of people’s support on Instagram comments and also that some of them wanted to buy a cup. Everyday was an inspiration to think about the design of the next cup. It was really fun!

I truly enjoy doing this project because everyday I could notice my progress and also I found out a new style on my drawings.

I would like to say that if someone has an idea, whatever it is, just make it. No matter how crazy it may sound, you can always fix it and think again. Do what your heart loves to do the most.

Cecilia Sanchez Salinas

Graphic Designer born at 3.680 meters above sea level in La Paz, Bolivia. Currently living in the beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

My day at work is the result of a balance between enjoying creativity and passion of designing but at the same time achieving good results.

Designing, reading, traveling, feeling the music up to the skin, drawing, a glass of wine, talking and understanding, finding the pantone shades of the sunsets and laughing a lot, yes, that’s me.