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Illustrated Patterns by Danielle Davis

Illustrated Patterns by Danielle Davis

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July 16, 2015
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Donuts, Pizzas, Cakes and more. The Various Illustrated Patterns by Graphic Designer, Danielle Davis was meant to be a design as a gift wrap for the holiday seasons. She enjoyed it so much that she made a couple of more designs. Her project first appeared in her blog - Danielle Davis Design.

The project started as a quick exercise to get myself to do more illustration and digital painting. I actually wanted to create a design to use as gift wrap during the holiday season, which led to the pizza pattern. I enjoyed making that so much that I decided to make more and just have fun with it.
-Danielle Davis



I like to work with ridiculous subject matters or food because I'm really drawn to imagery of food and food photography. I love the bright saturated colors that are often associated with food photography and I try to translate that over to illustration. As for the ridiculous subject matters other than food, I recently started an addition to this project by taking silly "National Holidays" and creating a daily illustrated pattern for these holidays.
-Danielle Davis




My advice to fellow artists and aspiring artists is to just have fun with your work. Make personal projects for yourself and set goals for those projects. This is something that I'm only now starting to do and I wish I would have done it sooner. Try not to take your art or projects too seriously either.
-Danielle Davis

About Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis is a graphic designer born and raised in Las Vegas now living Los Angeles. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She currently works as a Graphic and Web Designer for the Creative Advertising department at a school for visual effects and animation in Los Angeles where she assists in the visual design for print and web advertising as well as the maintenance of the school's website. You can see more of her works at Behance or her blog.

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