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Illustration blue and red

Illustration blue and red

Grzegorz Piechnik
September 4, 2018
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Illustration was made by digital charcoal brushes. Its one of the most popular items to use for beginners. I chose them due to rough texture. In fact to dispose charcoal brushes i had to spend a lot of time. I were training using charcoal for such a long time before i created this illustration.

The idea was straight - Make an illustration by using charcoal as the main material. I wanted to make my illustration more accidentally-looking. People on the center of the picture had to look melancholic and exhausted. I got inspired by people in church.

I used charcocal brushes that i found in internet. I were looking for them for such a long time because more of them was too simple to use. I needed brush that will imitate real charcoal that is rough and friable.

People responded really possitive. They said that it stimulate thinking. Furthemore, it became inspiration for a lot of my friends that made any illustration in this style. I learned from this project how to operate digital brushes of charcoal to make better what i do.

Grzegorz Piechnik

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