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Illustrations 2015 by Eda Kaban

Illustrations 2015 by Eda Kaban

Honey Adraque
September 21, 2015

Illustrations 2015 is an on going project by Eda Kaban which includes various projects such as children's books, editorial, advertising and even a mural design. There will be more under this project by the end of the year. Read on and enjoy!

"Ice Cream Truck" is a mural design for a Bay Area vintage ice cream store where they serve good old "butterful" ice cream and the store is decorated with vintage posters. I was asked to create a summer themed illustration for them and they were mainly drawn to the mid-century feel I have in my illustrations. I had a lot of freedom in this project which I enjoyed a lot! I started sketching it on little post its, collaged it all together and finally transferred it all to a 20"x10" canvas in Photoshop and finished it digitally. (I attached the rough draft for this illustration. It's always fun to see the progress.) I had to sketch each character a few times individually. I wanted to make sure I show enough diversity in the overall picture and each character in the ice cream line had his/her own unique personality.

- Eda Kaban



"A Day at the Zoo" is a children's book project including a double page spread and the sketches of the main character and her partner in crime. I like showing interaction between characters in my sketches. I believe it's a more effective way of storytelling and it sets a better mood for the overall book. I particularly enjoy crowded scenes and establishing shots like in this sample.

- Eda Kaban

4-char-sketches-A Day at the Zoo

3-A Day at the Zoo

"He Said What?!?" is an editorial commission about the influence of girlfriends. It's just a fun piece showing how fun girly times are, how we, girls, tell each other everything in giggles over mimosas and tea.

- Eda Kaban

5_he said what

"Safety First! " is a government ad campaign about traffic and safety for younglings. It had 6 illustrations in total and this one was my personal favorite in the project.

- Eda Kaban

6-safety first

I'm also adding a sketch for an on going project if you'd like to show some extra images. I call it: "Okay boys, I think that's everything!!" it's from one of the picture books I'm currently working on called Even Superheroes Have Bad Days. Here, Laser Man (one of the superheroes I created for the book) is a having a lazy day and doesn't really feel like fighting crime. The whole book is still in progress and I'm really excited to take it all to final. Best feeling ever!

- Eda Kaban


About Eda Kaban

Eda Kaban was born and raised in Turkey with a great passion for drawing, reading, and monkey bars. She has traveled the globe wearing a backpack slightly larger than herself. Her travels brought her to the States where she studied illustration. Her work can be seen in galleries from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and in a variety of publications. She has worked with clients such as Chronicle Books, Random House, Scholastic, HarperCollins, Perseus, Lufthansa Airlines, Mattel and The Village Voice among others. Her illustrations have been recognized by Society of Illustrators, Creative Quarterly and 3X3. She is represented by Shannon Associates and she continues to search for stories through love, laughter, and observations of the people around her. When she is not drawing, you can find her climbing some rocks, or biking the hills of the Bay Area. She currently resides in San Francisco happily with her husband, where they continually water their plants too much. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.

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