Illustrations for AU Bank

A freelance project done for a design firm – I AM, India. AU Bank’s brief being, to create environmental graphics for a select few of its branches. Thus came about my illustrations wherein each location of the bank’s branch is symbolically depicted by that particular city’s heritage monument.

The core motive was to make customers visiting the AU Bank Branch feel comfortable in a new setting by surrounding them with illustrations of familiar monuments. The circular ‘jali’ pattern was used for continuity of the visual language of AU Bank’s Logo. The orange colour used for the illustrations is one of the two brand colours. The Bank’s tag line is ‘Chalo Aage Badhe’ and orange colour is symbolic of determination, success and encouragement which are all essential to move ahead in life.

Adobe Illustrator was used for creating the artwork.
Once the concept was approved by the client, the first step was the selection of the most famous and appreciated monument specific to the various branch locations. Following approval of the selected monuments, I experimented with a few styles and finalized on the one used due to its contemporary look and feel. The beauty of ancient Indian architecture lies in its intricate craftsmanship and hence the illustrations created leaned towards intricate detailing. Illustrations were then created with the aid of reference images of the selected monuments.

The client appreciated the concept. My colleagues felt the idea was unique and well executed.
The key takeaway for me while working on this project was how to execute an idea to meet the client’s needs and within a given timeframe. Patiently working and re-working on each illustration till the client was satisfied.

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Devanshi Gami