Illustrations for “The Hippogriff”

The project brief was to create a bunch of illustrations, aimed at being printed on merchandise and sold at an ecommerce site titled “The Hippogriff”. These illustrations would be placed on everyday products like laptop sleeves, tote bags, throw pillows, cell phone cover, notebooks etc.

I was exploring and experimenting with a few different illustrative styles. Through the experimentation process, I grew fond of a style and decided to apply it to the illustrations I made. Fooling around with colour was part of the experimentation process too. To make the artwork more interesting, I tried adding some textures to the artwork.

The first step was to sketch out the concept on paper and then ink it out. Post this, the sketch would be photographed and transferred onto Adobe Illustrator. I would work on them further in illustrator adding colour, texture and refining the curves till they felt just right. That’s the process I followed for all the artwork done within this project.

A massive gain for me was that this project added a collection of illustrations to my portfolio. It was also an excuse for me to sit down and sketch on paper (which is my favourite hobby). As for the response, the style was appreciated. This project earned the SEMIFINALIST status in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Arjun Parikh

A graphic designer and illustrator currently based in India. Main interest – ILLUSTRATION. Favourite medium? INK.