Illustrations For “To Nothing or Anyone, Just for Her”

These are some of the ilustrations of a book for kids, which is based on one of the stories of the famous TV show “The Storyteller” by Jim Henson. The story is a shorter version of Fearless Jhon, where a boy decide to go on a adventure, in order to find fear.

The Storyteller is a very famous TV show with amazing stories, however I thought that nowadays would be interesting to recreate this story on a colorful cartoon that would catch the attention of children. Thats why I decided to ilustrate all the characters with funny and overreacted gestures, a lot of textures for backgrounds and vivid colors.

I stared by drawing every single element on paper as a draft, later I scanned and place them on my artboard of Illustrator, where I started to digitalized every picture. The rest was just coloring and adding shadows and textures.

This is my first big project of ilustration, so it means a lot to me because I basically learned to illustrate from this experience and I also found my personal style.
People had a positive reaction, they feel atracted with the combination of colors and the facial expression of each character.

Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza