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James Dez
June 18, 2018
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I've been experimenting with illustration lately. I wanted to see how far I could push graphics and how much detailed I could get. I started by creating simple parts of the illustration and then I slowly kept adding more and more lines and animals etc... I used my imagination, but I did study several references before working on this project. I also experimented with bright colors.

I was actually inspired by looking at old comics and doodle art that I stumbled upon online.
I liked how doodle art combined different elements. I also found old etching art, and this has inspired
my hatching lines and my want to be more detailed with my work. And I'm sort of trying to modernize etching.

I used adobe illustrator. I tend to use this program the most since I find it easier to create graphics. I also like working with scalable vector graphics. And I started by creating the line work first, and then I experimented with different colors. I made sure to overlap elements to create more depth and to have the more detailed elements in the foreground. And lastly I added all the hatching details and lighting.

People seemed to respond well to my project. They enjoyed all the variation and details. And I learned how far I can push graphics. I'm hoping to keep evolving my style and refine it more. And I look forward to making more works in this fashion.

James Hernandez

I started out as an artist and slowly transitioned into design. I still create artwork, but now I tend to focus more on illustrations and logo design. I work with both minimalist styles and more complex works.

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