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'Iloni Jewellery' Visual Identity by Jeanne-Marie Roux

'Iloni Jewellery' Visual Identity by Jeanne-Marie Roux

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May 20, 2016
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South Africa based graphic designer Jeanne-Marie Roux was asked to develop a visual identity for Iloni - a new company started up by her fellow designer friend and jeweller. The brief was to create a simple and easily adaptable design that would remind of handcrafted jewellery. The logo should suit her elegant, simplistic designs and unite jewellery and brand identity seamlessly.

I started to play around with a circular shape as it evokes the idea of a ring. I changed and played around with the shape on illustrator and luckily, it didn't take long until I managed to find a simplistic shape I liked and that would fit the brief. I manipulated the circular shape to become a unique form that can be easily recognised in many colours or grayscale and can be used big or small. The shape is combined with a simple typeface and can be used in any of the three colours in the chosen palette. I chose the colour palette to be natural and soft to fit the elegant jewellery the brand will accompany. When used on its own, the circular shape functions as an icon / logo monogram for the brand on, for example, packaging / business cards... etc.

- Jeanne-Marie Roux

I always start with pen on paper and sketch out rough ideas to plot down the initial look / feel I had in mind. At this stage I try not to linger on something for too long and rather keep it spontaneous to allow some 'happy mistakes' onto the page. I then move to the scanner, and transfer some of the images and sketches I like onto the computer where I use Illustrator and Photoshop to clean up and develop the design further. For Iloni, a simple typeface was chosen and tweaked to suit the look and feel we had in mind.

- Jeanne-Marie Roux

My client was extremely pleased with the project and happy that her idea for the brand was manifested. For me that is the most important outcome of a project. I always learn a lot working with a client because you have to marry their vision with your ideas and style. It teaches me to become sensitive to their needs and remember that they have a specific perception of how they envision their brand's look-and-feel to be. Once we have created something that we are both happy with, I have earned the client's trust to push some of the boundaries and experiment to find fresh solutions for possible future projects.

- Jeanne-Marie Roux

About Jeanne-Marie Roux

Jeanne-Marie Roux is a BA Visual Art (Visual Communication Design) graduate from the University of Stellenbosch. Currently completing her Honours degree in Visual Art (Illustration) and seeking to gain experience in the advertising and creative industry. Her greatest passion is being a maker of things. Jeanne-Marie have strong interests in a variety of creative fields, including: drawing, typography, illustration, photography and design. She have learnt, however, that the creative industry demands inquisitiveness into everything but the creative field and therefore an accomplished observer, collector, and world-wide traveler. She enjoys hiking, trail running and camping. She also have a love for music and participated in choir singing throughout high school and university years. Her personal challenge is to always push her boundaries, stay driven by curiosity and to be a problem solving, innovative and critical thinker.

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