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I´m enough

I´m enough

Danii Pollehn
June 8, 2021

I´m enough!

Self initiated Portfolio Work created in Adobe Fresco with Vector Brushes and
Adobe Illustrator on the IPad concentrating on the emotions of being in awe with
yourself - the feeling of being enough and worth it!

The goal is to create characters that are strong and powerful. Displaying modern and independent women in their daily lifes.

I wanted to create encouraging and vibrant illustrations to support myself and others on their journey to feel good enough to be themselves. Bold and strong colors for me representing energy and confidence with adding some subtle textures I wanted to show vulnerability and uniqueness because we all fight our own battles which are not comparable to each other.

For the entire process I used Adobe Fresco as the program can work with pixel and vector. For the sketch I used the crayon brush and for coloring I worked with the vector brushes - eventually added final touches to give some texture with the halftone brushes or Keith Haring brushes by Kyle T. Webster brushes! I love to mix both techniques even though most of my work these days is vector based. With Adobe Fresco I can create vector illustrations but with a very painterly feel!

So far everyone liked it! People seemed to feel heard and well represented even some responded that looking at the illustrations made them feel strong and inspired!

Danii Pollehn

Developing themes and imagery that celebrate the natural world and the female form, Hamburg-based illustrator Danii Pollehn works in a range of media creating paintings, printed editions, digital illustration and pattern design.

Free from cliches, her visual work combines her love for botanical illustration and womanhood, capturing the joy and freedom of self expression in her growing collection of bold, colourful, dynamic and energetic illustrations. Working predominantly on editorial and lifestyle commissions for the likes of Adobe, Victionary Publishing, Urban Outfitters and P&G, Danii’s distinctive illustrations can be applied to any number of commissions from branding, packaging and advertising campaigns.

In an interview with Inkygoodness in 2020 she said: “I feel at home when painting botanicals such as house plants, flowers or tropical foliage and combining it with strong female figures. I hope to discover new collaborations with interesting brands and art directors all over the world. I would love to do more work with pattern, textiles, packaging and fashion

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