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Imusify - New Age Music Experience by Oncel Cebeci

Imusify - New Age Music Experience by Oncel Cebeci

Jon Paylaga
August 4, 2015
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Are you a music lover? If yes, then you are in the right track. Today, we bring you a great place where you can share your music to everyone. That is the Imusify, designed by the very talented designer Oncel Cebeci. Let us take a look on how he did it and may this inspire you in your future projects. Enjoy!

"Imusify is an ass-kicking, mind-blowing, supernatural, breathtaking, competition-stomping, social-networking, music-streaming, -selling and hosting, game-changing, downloading, uploading, uplifting, money-making, purchasing, sync-licensing, self-marketing, jobs-creating, placement-oppurtunity-creating, transcending, disrupting, uniting and in many cases life-saving marketplace for music junks, creators, curators, film-producers, business and industry professionals."

-Oncel Cebeci











And it's purpose is to connect independent musicians, music lovers and producers together. You can listen music, you can find your favourite street band, you can support them or you can find a soundtrack for your next short movie on Imusify. David is working on it for almost 2 years and we started development last year. We are about to finish it's development and once it's open I believe it will start a revolution from local to global.

-Oncel Cebeci





About Oncel Cebeci

Öncel Cebeci is a multi-tasking designer who studied Cinema&Television at Trakya University and Sociology at Ankara University. He was born in Ankara, Turkey and raised in biggest digital and ATL agencies such as Grey Worldwide, AFF. After 5 years in agencies he decided to resign and become a freelance designer. That's how his start-up adventure started. In last 2 years he was a part of 4 different start-ups and now he is working on a London based 'top secret' project. Also he started to run a side project named "Soundmarks of the Earth":
Beside of interface&product design, he also has a animation and illustration talents. You can find more about him on Dribbble and his Behance profile.

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