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In Our Own Bubble

In Our Own Bubble

Tony Lockhart
April 21, 2021
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An illustration series communicating how sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own thoughts & negative feelings that we feel alone and/or isolated from everyone but fail to remember we are not alone and can always reach out to others who are experiencing or experienced the same pain(s)

The idea was to create awareness of mental health as some of us hide our mental health issues. We isolate ourselves as we think we are the only ones going through it, think we will not be taken serious or assume others will think we are just looking for attention. I wanted to convey how we when are in a dark place we put ourselves in a bubble and isolate when we could reach out to others for help. The 2nd visuals were also created to help those who may not have any mental health conditions but realize they may know someone who has and they just need a friend when they are being distant or MIA.

The colors of the individuals in bubbles were chosen to have a warm outside while trapped in a blue cold lonely bubble yet at any moment they could feel that warmth once they are ready to talk to a friend. The second illustration of the woman bursting the bubble has the same meaning regarding the bubble but that one is more for creating awareness for those who do not suffer from mental health but they can be a friend. The background is green to represent mental health awareness month's (May) ribbon.

I started off sketching each character in an editorial style then scanned into the computer to build the final visuals in Adobe illustrator.

Many felt the visuals were powerful and received tons of loving feedback.

You are not alone. Do not be afraid to reach out.

Tony Lockhart

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