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In-Route, cycling studio

In-Route, cycling studio

Juan Felipe Sierra Díaz
May 12, 2021

A vibrant, dynamic and attractive visual identity for a new fitness concept in Medellín (Colombia), inspired by its own clients. In-Route Cycling Studio combines music, technology, good attitude and exercise bikes to offer a new experience to the public, designed for the development of body and mind.

The colors, typography and visual style of the brand are inspired by the same experience that is lived within this cycling studio. Neon lights and electronic music add amazing energy to your daily spin class.

Regarding the logo, it was necessary that it could "spin", in the end it is a cycling study. In addition, the circle turns out to be the common shape between two of the important elements of the experience, exercise bikes and a speaker that represents the music.

Every project I do starts on a sheet of paper. Then those sketches are taken to Adobe Illustrator, where the details are refined. But without drawing first, it would take much longer to figure out the ideas.

You always learn from each project, you find new ways to come up with ideas, different ways of approaching the creative process, etc. In this case, the positive response of consumers to the brand, taught me the importance of finding visual resources that connect the visual identity of a brand with the experience it represents.

Juan Felipe Sierra Díaz

Colombian graphic designer with more than 12 years of experience in multinational advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson, DDB and JWT. In recent years, he worked as creative and artistic director for the independent agency Resistencia (Bogotá), developing brand communication projects, corporate identity, design and illustration, for national and international well-known clients.

Juan Felipe has worked for both local companies and large multinationals, including: General Motors, LAN, L'Oreál, American Airlines, Pfizer, Henkel, Bimbo, Yupi, Comapan, Save the Children, PLAN foundation, Autonal, Francorp, Country Brand Colombia, etc. In addition, he worked as a teacher of art direction and typography at Brother -Creativity School- in Bogotá, for more than 6 years.

His work has been recognized and awarded in some of the most important creativity festivals such as: Fepi, El Dorado, FIAP, Ojo de Iberoamérica, One Show, Cannes and published in the Lurzer’s Archive a couple of times.

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