In the Heart of My Mind

The project is an attempt to explore what it’s like to live with complex emotions and anxieties within. Through personal experiences, and the need to express it- the series of photographs is my exploration of capturing the different personalities we carry and the internal conflict between them- the voices we hear, the forms we see, and the anxieties we go through during those moments.

The series acknowledges the complexity of expressing something that has no form, and hence the form has to be visualized. It was a conscious choice to use abstract expressionism for the project so as to create a space and form that is interpret-able.

‘In the heart of my mind’ started as a personal project solely to express myself. The conceptualization of the series acknowledges the limitations of verbal language, as a medium of communication, to express something as basic as how we are feeling at a vulnerable moment. Visualized in an abstract expressionist space, the project intends to challenge various schools of expression within the modern digital art we have today.

The series comprises of actual photographs that were shot, with no additional manipulation or modifications. While minor colour adjustments are carried in the post, the photographs are shot carefully using choreographed lighting techniques and multiple reflection media to have the mood and effects achieved in-camera.

To be able to give a voice, a form, a narration to the voices we all carry in our headspace is my objective of this project. To be able to disturb the audience within. The project intends to capture the darker side of mental illness that most of the mainstream narratives on mental health chooses to omit.

Koundinya Dhulipalla