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Industrial Warehouse Loft

Industrial Warehouse Loft

Lia Hoetama
May 7, 2019

A loft with an industrial style and combination of warehouse concept and automotive elements.
It is inspired by the concept of masculinity which is clearly projected into the whole concept of this loft. It showcases hardwearing materials, earth-toned color scheme, leathers, and a few automotive elements.
The points of interest are focused on the steampunk chandelier, rustic TV feature wall, and of course, the rim floor which is covered by black-tinted glass and completed by the spotlights to create a very unique flooring pattern.

What made me come up with the idea is the design trend that we currently have and what people usually prefer. As an interior designer who has been working with many different clients, I always find that taking time to brainstorm, explore, experiment, and create something new is always a great challenge for me in order to create a new trend. I came up with the idea while watching Iron Man movie where everything is about hardwearing materials, metallic, and masculinity. From there, I was very intrigued to incorporate the whole inspiration into this project.
Since I choose to go for more towards industrial style with a touch of a steampunk vibe, I incorporate the earth-toned color scheme in order to deliver a down-to-earth feeling and warm atmosphere throughout the space.

I used 3DsMax 2017 and Vray as my main software. I also used Adobe Photoshop to support my editing process, which basically consists of adjusting brightness, sharpness, and putting my name on it.
Experimenting and doing numbers of test renders are definitely crucial when it comes to making the result to be as realistic as possible. Also, Pinterest has been a big help for me when it comes to finding ideas, inspirations, and color schemes.

The response to this project is amazing. I posted it on social media and the level of engagement from the audience is considerably high. Their reactions to this project are very very positive. I also showed some of my friends who are into automotive and they were just in awe.
I learn a lot from this project, I never designed a loft before and this is basically the only loft design that I have so far. I always thought that designing a loft would be a lot harder than a normal apartment, especially if it is an industrial concept like this loft. But I guess I was wrong. The process was smooth and I was really excited to render and see the final product since this is a very fresh idea. It turned out amazingly great.

This design concept has an exclusive target audience because of its strong integration to the automotive world.

Lia Hoetama

An Interior Designer based in Toronto, Canada

13 comments on “Industrial Warehouse Loft”

  1. Oh wow Lia. These designs are beautiful. Are you available for some freelance work?

  2. Lia, it is truly beautiful. I like the earth toned theme. It gives a warm glow but is still light and airy. I love it..great job.

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