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Indutexx / Diseño de marca

Indutexx / Diseño de marca

Natalia Otero Jiménez
May 14, 2019
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Development of the graphic image and structuring of INDUTEXX communication to publicize its products and services.
Logo lifting to make it more friendly and modern, with a fresh, light and consistent image to its value proposition.
Creation and design of sub-brands that serves for the identification of the company's business lines.

The company had a well structured logo, however, when expanding its product portfolio, it was considered to carry out a logo lifting, seeking agreement with each of the business lines that the brand manages and wishes to communicate.

Therefore, we created a visual system based on the basic knitting used and known by this sector, to design a symbol that plays with typography and serves as a graphic resource for the development of the brand.

The textile industry begins with a weaving point and from there we start. We look for the fabrics that exist and we find one of the most popular the "cross stitch".
It was wonderful because one of the main rules of the customer was to highlight the XX of the typography and this cross stitch was perfect to do it.
That's where the whole brand system came from. Lines and points that are born from an X.

We had an excellent response from our work. In the Agency we work the complete strategy: structuring the communication of the company / brand in terms of its competitive advantages and its product lines, the development of a brand architecture that strengthens the relationship between products and brands and the identification of the main actions that the company must undertake to achieve a better positioning and visibility for its current and future clients.
We managed to define INDUTEXX customer segments in order to create a catalog for each one. In the same way, a table of competences and product lines was developed that are managed in the company together with the respective messages for the clients, in order to achieve a differentiation in the supplies and supplies market.

INDUTEXX is a client of Atlántica Marketing, marketing and advertising agency of Barranquilla, Colombia. All brand development was done under the direction of Margarita Ghisays, CEO of the agency.

Natalia Otero Jiménez

Diseñadora gráfica apasionada por el diseño editorial y diseño de marca.

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