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INFINITY - sculptural lamp & packaging

INFINITY - sculptural lamp & packaging

Leonardo Criolani
February 9, 2020

Infinity is a sculptural lamp, made in steel, shaped by hand.
I looked for this form because I wanted something that best represented the circularity of life and the events that happen to us. Light is the means of transmitting the emotions that I wanted to express with this project

The shape of the lamp, and the particular, non regular, intersection of the two elements, are studied to create different perceptions from different angle of view. The circle rapresent the concept of endless.
Dim. : 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Steel structure
Led light
White finishing

For the lamp, I've used steel, laser cut steel, and white coating. Led light source covered by white acylic cover.
For the packaging, I've used MDFbased wood lasercut and marked whit my logo. The box are designed to kepp all the faces togheter, just with a few o silicon glue.

I've received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative about this project. However, people complimented the idea of ​​the lamp and the idea of ​​how to make the packaging.

liked the idea of ​​the laser-cut wooden box with engravings and assembly

Leonardo Criolani

Curiosity. This is the word that represent the almost complete sense of my life. The curiosity that pushes me every day, at every moment, almost obsessively to trying to understand, to know, to look at the world around us with new eyes. It is curiosity that makes me take new way, a search for new emotions, a dream of new roads, roads that are not always right, not always easy. Often curiosity leads me into situations I don't know where to make mistakes, it can happen, you can suffer, but in the end you really feel alive.
Curiosity makes me feel alive.
We are unique, original and unrepeatable, you just need to find yourself, abandon yourself, let yourself go, have the chance to make the soul to be free.
To rethink an object, create a new one, make a drawing, we must first forget, let the pencil flow on the sheet.
We must know how to forget. Like in love, to love, we must first forget the past, the reasoning, the pain, the memories, which are only footprints along the path of our life.

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