Inktober 2016

For Inktober 2016, a self motivated initiative was taken to make illustrations on eggs regularly, throughout October. The goal was to hit one illustration a day, however, I fell short of 5 days. I chose “Food” as my theme and aimed at capturing a wide spread of dishes from different parts of the world.

Stark contrast intrigues me especially, black and white that has a charm of it’s own. I decided to go ahead with “Food” as my theme. Why the egg? Because I felt inclined towards taking the “Food” concept to another level by creating the artwork on food itself!

To begin with, I used a knife and broke a hole into the egg. A really tiny hole to be specific. After emptying the contents of the egg (mind you, I ate all the eggs too!), I washed the egg with soap and sanitiser (inside and out). After carefully drying it and getting rid of marks on the surface, I began inking on it with a permanent marker. Post this, I placed it on a deodorant spray cap and captured it with my camera.

People were amused to see the work. I would frequently be asked if i broke any eggs while getting through inktober. Of Course I did. I’m used to applying a lot of pressure when I work on paper. I had to drop that when it came to inking the eggs. My major learning? To work quickly and put out an artwork a day (I usually take my time but had to speed up on this one!)

This was a fun project. It was fun to let loose and not be finicky about the details. The aim was to be quick and consistent and I think I managed to do that. To view the entire project along with the timelapse of me inking, head over to

Arjun Parikh

Being inclined towards art from a young age, I decided to mold it into my profession. What started off as a hobby soon turned into a career. Sensitivity and attention to detail are what matter the most according to me. I am committed to my work, focused, highly disciplined and always on the lookout to learn something new.