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Inktober 2018

Inktober 2018

Luis Miguel Cobo
February 6, 2019
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Do you know about the Inktober? This is the same but with the topic "creepy", and here you can see a selection of the best pictures from past year's "creeptober". "Creeptober" was originally created by the twitter user @OmegaBlack1631, who made it as an alternative list of daily topics for the Inktober.

The Inktober/creeptober initiative provided me with one topic per day, so I just adapted it through my tastes and imagination. I made them with a fantasy and sci-fi style on mind, and usually choosed a triad color palette. As you can see I really love to use saturated and vibrant hues in order to transmit certain atmospheres. Hope you like it! ?

Although Inktober was originally thought for traditional, ink drawings, you can actually find all sort of thecniques and styles. In my case I wanted to prove myself by making a full color picture per day, so I opted for using Photoshop. Each drawing is made relatively fast (2-4 hours), with no actual polish or clean-up, and that's why you can notice all the strokes, making them look that sketchy. I also always worked on two layers; one for the initial sketch (which was erased) and the other for the color. I addition, sometimes I used a gradient map to make everything look more homogeneous, and a color dodge brush to make some intense highlights.

I posted one drawing per day during october 2018 on Ig and Twitter, and despite I have not lots of followers, they really liked them! That was super motivating to go on, and I really learned a couple things about dedication and workflow.

Luis Miguel Cobo

My name is Luis Miguel Cobo and I'm from Seville, Spain. I'm 2D/3D and I specialize in Concept Art, Illustration, Character design and game props for videogames. I have just finished my studies and currently working as freelance artist, looking for job opportunities. I really love fantasy and sci-fi aesthetics, and when I'm not working or rading comic books I'm usually playing videogames.

If you want to see more of my work you can visit my website or social media, I hope you like it! :)

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