Surrealist illustration, exploring the anxiety of spending a night awake dragging distant ideas without meaning into reality
Surrealism is the best way to show reality.
The interesting thing lies in the meaning that the author can bring to his work through the synthesis of significant elements and the thousands of interpretations that can be derived from the viewers

I have always had a strong tendency to represent things that move but in a slow and strenuous way, always with the assault the invisible in landscapes without form.
The characters that uses are a kind of actors that represent a staging to express a message that is always changing

My technique for this project is watercolor in cold colors so expressive and personal it can be.

I always begin to materialize the idea with a pencil sketch, and from there I make a selection of the color palette. I start painting the background, in this case I like the hazy scenarios, as if everything was stuck in a dream about to fade away.

This is a personal project and so far few people have seen it, but the rections have been very good, everyone is very interested in my way of representing ideas locked in other ideas where each person interprets in a different way to accord to their life experience

So Keep dreaming, write your dreams, be your dreams…

Manolo González-Zavala

Illustrator and editorial designer, with over 20 years of professional experience as well as teaching career in graphic design and illustration in different universities.
Passionate about illustration, he has mainly developed the technique of watercolor as a particular form of expression, with which he manifests a position in certain situations of life, dreams and nightmares.
Other techniques that he frequently uses are digital, ink and marker.