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Instagram Story Fun

Instagram Story Fun

Matt Lazzarotto
April 3, 2020

A series of fun Instagram stories created for self-promotion of my photography, created to engage my audiences. This was a successful endeavour to exercise my creative brain. People enjoy creative storytelling and this fun experience was it. I hope you enjoy these selections as well.

Naturally, I am a funny guy looking for fun creative outlets, the capability of fun gifs and stickers on Instagram stories helped me bring out my creativity. I decided to choose the stickers and gifs that Instagram offers in the story platform because there was lot's to choose from. The style is my own, what felt right.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is my number one photo editor, for heavy edits I use Adobe Photoshop. When I have used Instagram for posting in the past I have always posted a fun story to engage my audience a bit further.

The audiences love fun Instagram story content. Fun and creative stories engage audiences to be more creative and thoughtful. My learning from this is to not overdo creative. In the long run you can burn out, people will copy your work no matter what. Just keep your chin up.

Matt Lazzarotto

An award winning photographer and graphic designer from Canada. Looking for the next awesome project.

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