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Interespacio ®

Interespacio ®

Juan iglesias
July 26, 2016
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Interespacio ® came from Mexico. Three years ago, we started with interior design and architecture, then we got and started working professionally. Throughout the time we moved to Argentina, the idea of opening our own trade and professional studio came. We needed a nice, comfortable place for people to know us a little more and so we could show our knowledge in: products and services.

Concept to Develop Semantics:
This brand has a strategic objective to represent and communicate through a set of visual signs or identifiers a study and local architecture. It is comprised of a professional couple of great Mendoza. The brand aims to unite two concepts fundamental: (architecture + interior) in order to design a solid and formal, adaptive and professional structure. Syntactically, it was inspired by the characters of naming (I + E) to provide greater visual impact. It took into account geometric elements in order to build a "macro detail", based on a lattice), you can appreciate the strength and balance of the brand.

Characters I + E: Functionality and originality.
Gauntlet: Style and detail.
In this project, the technique used was image type/geometric abstract monogram. It corresponds to a variant of the logo, which are used one or more initial intertwining their traits such that a molten sign in one unit is formed.

Manual and digital tools were used:

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Adobe Lightroom
4. Pen and sketch
5. Geometries

I began by creating local a brief line and then charted strategy. It was started by a sketch by hand and then digitalized. photographs were taken and move to implementation.

Each project is developed is unique and distinctive, the idea is to obtain original and innovative results. Expect the public learn to create new brands and our strategies which exceed the current competition, create styles and dynamic samples and accompanying good visual quality.

Commercial project for a store/studio architectural firm.

(Brand identity guides:

juan iglesias

One designer decides to dedicate his time and skills to a project that provides him with the best place to put his imagination and knowledge, to the service of visual communication. We specialize in branding/typography/lettering/website and communication strategies. BIRPIP was created on March 1, 2013.

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