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Interior Design , Rustic Cafe .

Interior Design , Rustic Cafe .

Yasmin Adel
July 17, 2019

Interior Design for a Cafe with a Rustic touch by Using Pastel colours , rustic woods in the furniture sets , rustic bricks walls . The Cafe includes two zones .The entrance (the smoker zone) with a a large glassy partition that leads to the seconde zone with a centered counter.The theme is light pastel rustic with little green in the surrounds.

Mostly , The client desires is the most important thing you have to be aware of when you make your interior design. The identity of the Cafe makes a big role in making the concept of the design the "rustic One ". Then you start putting your your point of view in designing the spaces , putting the furniture sets, colour used.

Firstly, I used Autocad programs in the 2D plans .Then , I used 3D MAX program , 3D viualising ,rendering .Gathering Data , 3D blocks.Then 3D modelling is first ,then putting the blocks, the lightings.Finalliy I used Vray camera to presexnt the shot .

People response have pleased me till now .I have learned alot from this project , starting from the new concept I use , new way of choosing materials . How to make the best use of Spaces "Smart Furniture".

Hope you lije my Design

Yasmin Adel

I am Interior Designer ,Visual Artist. I am graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts.
I took part in number of Art Exhibtions and Competitions. My Work in Interior Design includes Designing Residential Spaces ,as well as restaurants and cafes. I am aware of DesiGBn concepts , the Art movements. I love reading and writing .I hope to travel abroad and see the Famous Art works. I dream to have my own signature in design and Art.

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