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Interior Design and Visualization of Apartments in Saint-Petersburg

Interior Design and Visualization of Apartments in Saint-Petersburg

Viktor Korchinskyi
November 12, 2018

Hi all! My name is Viktor Korchinskyi. I am a 3d Visualizer from Ukraine. This interior project was created by Elena Sidorina - talented interior designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (web: Elena`s clients- its a young family, who likes modern projects and always open for new ideas and experiments.

Elena has invited me to create renders for her project, and I was in love with the idea of the interior concept. So, we begin to work.

Elena Sidorina: "I like to work with a contrast of different shapes, materials, and styles. I am often mixing some classic elements with a modern. I think the right way to create some lovely and functional space is to try to look through clients view, to understand their needs, preferences and predict some future convenient using of space and elements. For this project, I used a lot of mirrors. It makes the area a little bit larger and gives more light inside. For the bath, I have used a large format of porcelain stoneware tiles, and I think its must-have for small bath spaces. Also, I recommended using different lighting with a different color of the light. For example, In a bath, we have used built-in lights in the ceiling, pendant lights near the mirror and some LED stripes. They can be turned on separately. So, my clients can make a different atmosphere in one move.

For the kitchen counter, I used Neolith ceramics with a marble print. Natural white marble usually takes a lot of time to keep it in good condition"

We made some mood boards, sketches and first draft concept in Adobe Photoshop. All 3d renders were created using Autodesk 3ds Max with Corona Renderer. We have divided all project on a different room and made them one by one.

I hope people like this project ? It was made with love and a high level of inspiration. A new project is different from another one. So, I always think we learn something new. This project was a mix of ideas and functionality.

Thanks, for inviting me. It's an inspirational website, so I want to wish you, people who read it, never stop and bring all your even complicated ideas to life.

Our contacts:
Elena Sidorina - Interior Designer

Viktor Korchinskyi - 3d Visualizer

See you!

Viktor Korchinskyi

I am a 3d visualizer working freelance. Now living in Kherson (Ukraine)

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