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Interior photos - home photos

Interior photos - home photos

Angel Romero
July 11, 2021
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This project is about interior photography

I had a client who wanted to photograph the interior of his building in order to sell it, and that's when the idea of organization began so that the photography could be more commercial.

In the first stays, use 2 cameras, Canon 90D vs Canon 80D, programs used were Lightroom and Photoshop, first we gave a general coloring to the lightroom looking for the most natural colors possible, and then to Photoshop to retouch imperfections.

This was an excellent project since we were able to achieve what we wanted to achieve and the acceptance of the people was evident.

Angel Romero

Hello, my name is Angel, I am in the world of editing since 2017, being my main Photoshop program, I currently work with a photography company which has made my knowledge in terms of editing and graphic design increase, for me It is a pleasure to share my art with all of you and to be part of this beautiful platform.
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