Into the wild | Celine & Ace

‘Into the wild’ is a series of 11 pictures telling the story between a human and a Husky. It’s about the spirit of the untamed, friendship & nature. A relationship, not defined by society or status – a pure and simple connection between two souls.

Shooting outside with wild animals has always been a dream of mine. It turned out, Celine knew about this Husky called Ace. His distinctive different colored eyes immediately caught my full attention and I was sure, the both of them would match well together. This was when we decided to pack our bags and headed into the woods. Although Ace was used to humans, his instincts were still pretty strong and he had his very own mind and attitude.
I had some pictures in my head, some poses of which I thought of but since he made us clear who is boss and we didn’t want to force him doing something he wouldn’t want to do by himself by any means, we decided to just let him guide us in order to get as close as possible to his natural behavior. I was behind the shutter, trying to get him used to myself and my cameras clicking noise. On the other side of the lense, Celine just did an awesome job in terms of being really patient as well as interpreting his actions accordingly. Soon both of them found their connection and we were ready to shoot.
Maybe thats the reason why the pictures came out the way they did.

Canon 5D Mark III -> Sigma 35 mm 1.4 Art -> Husky -> Celine -> Car -> Woods -> Shoot -> Bring everything back home -> Lightroom -> Gingerbeer -> Photoshop.

People reacted very positively to the project, which really makes me happy and gives me motivation to keep doing what I love and I’m looking forward to the next projects. Since I’ve never done a similar shoot before, I’m more than grateful for the new experience.

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Markus Oberhofer

90s kid
Born and raised in the heart of the Alps – Southtyrol, Italy
Studied International Business in Innsbruck, Austria
Erasmus in Florence Italy
Photographer, currently based in Hamburg.