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iPad Calligraphy Collection

iPad Calligraphy Collection

Dong Kyu Lee
April 27, 2017
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A collection with some of my most recent iPad Calligraphy works. It contains work I've made since November 2016 and can range from collaborations with other talented artists to different projects with brands. I am very excited to show you guys this collection due to the fact that I've always dreamed of an opportunity like this - to show people that iPad Calligraphy is indeed a thing. You can also view them on my instagram page (@calligraphy_dk).

I love traditional calligraphy and recently came across the so-called iPad Calligraphy on various social media platforms. Eventually, I tried to think of ways to combine both traditional and modern tools and ended up creating art that shows a little bit of both. One of the most important reason was to show other people that it is super easy and fun to learn calligraphy as I am a self-taught calligraphy myself. Encouraging other people who already own an Apple Pencil definitely played a decisive role as well.

Everything was made using the Apple Pencil and the Procreate App following traditional calligraphy style methods. I started out with a rough sketch using a simple pencil brush. Every letter is made individually and then combined into one single word, creating a seemless connection. After that I added layers in order to add subtle shadows as well as coulour. Finally, I chose an image and inserted the lettering. I always adjust the opacity in the end.

The response has been very positive so far. Of course, there are some people who might call it "fake" since it is not a real pen, however, I believe that we should just embrace the tools we have available which certainly includes cutting-edge technology. It also helped me to improve my traditional hand lettering.

Inspiration: Seb Lester

Dong Kyu Lee

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