Isbjörn Snowboard Apparel

ISBJÖRN is an apparel designed for snowboarders. The origin of the story was to enjoy the experience as much as possible, making the use of the phone less intrusive and making the comfort better for the user.
It is a whole concept experience.

Being a snowboarder, the different insights came from my own experience.
I wanted to design a relevant product to offer an optimal comfort. I chose to use color blocks to match the visual inspirations of my target : simple and efficient / kind of a minimalistic camo applied on a human body.

My design process started with sketches of existing scenarios, driving me to the ideation part of the concept. I made some mockups to validate the ergonomy and proportions.
For the development, I used a 3D software to adjust the cuts and again proportions of the suit.

I learnt a lot : I wanted to challenge myself in an apparel design project.
People reacted well to ISBJÖRN, I asked snowboarders who could imagine themselves wearing it for their next snow session. One thing they particularly appreciated was the cut of the jacket so they could sit in the snow easily now.

Corentin BRICOUT

Hi ! I’m Corentin, passionate about sport and design.