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Isometric City by Alex Safayan

Isometric City by Alex Safayan

Ron Gerzon
May 25, 2016
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This is an isometric city made with blender cycles. It has a low poly type of style. Made to improve Alex Safayan's skill, as well to put on his portfolio. Alex used work he did a while back, and put it all into one city.

I came up with the idea by looking at inspiring isometric renders, which led me to want to make an isometric city. I wanted to use lighter, natural colors because cities don't have bright, overwhelming, unnatural colors. And for the style, I have always loved low poly so I included it into this project.

- Alex Safayan

I used blender for modeling, material, and rendering. I used photoshop for post processing. First I made the blocks, then added roads and cars, then filled up the blocks with buildings, factory, etc. The render took about 5 hours for a 5k image. In photoshop I made the scene brighter, increased contrast, and altered some colors.

- Alex Safayan

I increased my skill with blender modeling, and achieving a nice low poly and isometric style. I also learned how to light night scenes, by placing a sun with an orange color, and adding light to cars and building to make them stand out.

- Alex Safayan

About Alex Safayan

Hello, I'm Alex Safayan. I am 13-year-old developer, illustrator, and athlete. I love playing lacrosse, running, and football. I'm a part of, and it is coming out in beta soon. I was born and am being raised in Colorado (love the mountains).

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