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Isometric Summer

Isometric Summer

Nestor Benjumea
July 28, 2021
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I have always thought that summer and the places we associate with it have something special that makes it so desired by all, as it is a time that we look forward to all year long. But it is not because it is a time of holidays or vacations, we really relate our moments of rest and fun to this time and places because its colors, shapes and temperature make it perfect. For this reason I wanted to make a representation with an isometric and geometric design that would make us feel everything that attracts us in summer.

I have always liked to experiment with colors, I think people underestimate how difficult it can be to create the correct palette, so I wanted to extract the most intense colors that I have seen in the summer, for me it is a little easier because I live in a country of the tropics, where you can find cities that live in an eternal summer, and to be honest, although I had previously made isometric designs, this time I wanted to do it by mixing it with geometric figures that would allow me to have elements that we would find in swimming pools or beaches in a way semi abstract. Resulting in a combination of factors that really stimulate your senses.

For me, a designer needs certain things to do his job well: Photoshop, Illustrator, a hoddie and some cool tennis shoes, so I used them all hehehehe. There is no better tool than Illustrator to create shapes and especially under a combination of isometry and geometry, so I started by creating the isometric plane and then I created several shapes that I could dock to later build elements such as chairs, bathrooms, etc. By having these basic elements I built the two worlds (beach and pool) and gave details to each element, I did not want it to be very realistic because my intention was for people to feel that they were watching an episode of rick and morty or something like that, and when I had the shapes I started to apply the color. So based on the isometric plane I defined which colors were "shadows" and which were "lights", to finish I passed this base that I created in illustrator to photoshop where one of my favorite parts of designing began, retouching, and this is where I could " pop "the colors and where I added texture. I almost forgot, it is always important to give your characters a crazy look, nobody wants to look normal.

The truth is that people's reaction leaves me very satisfied because some comments make me feel that I was able to communicate or make people feel what I wanted, and it is that many times a shape or a color makes you remember a moment in your life, or simply makes you feel dream of experiencing something incredible.

Nestor Benjumea

I'm a colombian publicist and art director who loves music, playing guitar and obviously movies (truly inspiring art), one of my dreams was to write an episode of The Simpsons (the old ones)... I also love pets(dogs and cats), big cats like lions and tigers, and I wish some genius physicist to discover how to make intergalactic trips to know other worlds outside our solar system

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