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Itanhaém - SP

Itanhaém - SP

Vinicios Oliveira
April 13, 2017
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I discovered that we do not need much. In my case, I just needed: "One place, one person, one camera and a thousand dreams." This project has changed and continues to change my life in many ways. When I did these photographs I did not want to gain prestige, recognition through them. I just wanted to believe in myself, in my pontifical, and to be able to see that I could do more with less.

This project was something very unique, and I was going through a period in which I was arrested for not having a "good equipment", and for that reason deprived myself of photographing.
On vacation, on the beach of Itanhaém - SP, I decided to express myself as I pleased with what I had (a Nikon D3200, Lightroom, and a dream).

This design uses a Nikon D3200 dslr camera, with an 18-55mm lens, and color editing in Adobe Lightroom CC.
The photos were taken in a moment of lightness and freedom, in the moments that we were at the beach and visiting the tourist points of the city. The colors came up according to the pleasant feeling of the moment, and what pleased my people.

This work was an awakening, a change of mind.
Up until this point I was locked in, and often frustrated by not having a good structure, an area course, good equipment, good objectives and even a good physical space to work.
This project taught me that I can, do a good job with simple things. I could not imagine, even from a distance, that such a project would bring me so much happiness and recognition, for changing my thinking about my work was already victorious.

I would like to tell my readers that they will never, by any chance, arrest their talent for a pretext that does not suit us! When you dream everything is reached.

Vinicios Oliveira

My name is Vinicios de Oliveira Carvalho, born 11/07/1998, in the region of Campinas - SP.
Since I was a child, I had awakened an affection for art, there was always an interest in creating or modifying things, until with adolescence and later youth I found myself, finding my place in art, photographing life and taking what I believe for the world.

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