“It’s blue there” is the second solo exhibition of Hong Kong Artist Peggy Chan, held in Hong Kong Fringe Club. Peggy Chan’s work came from the delicate relationship between oneself, the city and the culture. Close enough yet beyond imagination.

Peggy is an artist specialised in cyanotype (an ancient photographic printing process using long-term exposure under the sun), and “blue” is the signature of her works. This exhibition featured a set of new work using “blue leaves”. In response to this, we used the form of leaves and branches to create the Chinese title of the exhibition. A blue set of publication was then developed.

The whole process was just like how Peggy created her work. I picked up leaves and branches on the road, observed their form, arranged them nicely, and scanned. I hoped to create the visual in a low tech and natural way.

Unlike my other projects, I tried to create the visual with as little computer involvement as possible. Each plant has in own form, and its form might be considered as flaws if we judge it in perfect visual sense. But in this case, it is the “flaws”, the uniqueness of each plant make the visual speaks perfectly instead.

The image was widely adopt in the exhibition. And people love it, especially the leaflet.
It’s like a naturally dyed handkerchief.

Muuute Design

Pronunciation: say “mute” with longer “u-” sound.

Muuute is a Hong Kong based creative studio formed by Nora Ng and Godwin Ng, who specialized in graphic design, communications and cultural events management. Putting together the strengths of the two, Muuute tailors set of visual language for each unique project, with an eye on communication details.

Muuute’s work spans branding, identity development, art-direction, publicity design, art & cultural events curation, management and publicity. But there is always new surprises with every new encounters.