Sto. Tomas, La Union, Philippines, 22 August 2017. We had scheduled a photo session and it should be a highly fashion shoot. It turned out to be like portrait shootout for some of my co-photographers that day but since I was holding my good old camera and a ultra wide angle zoom, I don’t have that much reach in the subject. Well, I just looked at the location itself and began shooting like I’m documenting a lifestyle of a young lady living in a cruel world.

The real idea is to shoot high fashion but as I have stated earlier that I went to shoot like it is her lifestyle. I really like the fact that even with her clothes being torn and from the way Iyah stares at the camera and the character she portrays, I am so amazed playing with the colors in lightroom and that matches the location and her attitude in the shoot. It wasn’t the best time and place to have a shoot because a typhoon was passing by that moment but then the color cast of the clouds were absolutely fantastic.

That time I was enjoying my Canon EOS 5D mark II with the Canon EF 17-40mm f4 L and I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t have my other lenses to shoot with but I just continue the shoot because I don’t have any other option. As for the location it was decided on that day that we would shoot somewhere in Sto. Tomas La Union (Philippines) instead in Agoo La Union (Philippines) because the locations were muddy that day. We had a hair and make up artist / stylist that day so she choose the clothes to wear by Iyah. The post production was made with Adobe Lightroom.

Actually, during the shoot itself, we had these several guys driving their motorcycles passing by the location, the had to slow down in a while just to take a look on Iyah because honestly, Iyah is so beautiful even with the way she dressed on that shoot. She is so amazing and friendly maybe that is why those who passed by slowed down from 40 KPH to at least 10 KPH. I have learned so much that I really don’t need a portrait lens to take a great a photo of a person in a shoot. In every motif, I try to exercise my eyes and imagination how in the world could I tell a story and how I visualize things that I see. For me, the photo session was a real visual concept of a beautiful flower in midst of a dark and chaotic world.

Renz Reiner Bustillos

currently living in the Philippines. Doing nothing just plain shooting events, lifestyle and fashion photography. I graduated as an IT but followed my passion in photography. I love to capture moments and want to show to the world my own perspective in life.