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Jack Ressler Personal Logo Design.

Jack Ressler Personal Logo Design.

Nathan Kim
February 28, 2023
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Jack Ressler Personal Logo Design.

The Goals :

01. Craft a unique "JR88" Mark.
02. Reflect Character, Root & Personality.
03. Iconic Mark.
04. Flexible for diverse application.


01. Sports
02. Dynamic
03. Iconic
04. Simple

Jack Ressler is a well-known High school athlete and wide receiver of the Mater dei High school As a High school football star, it's important to have a personal brand that reflects his character, roots, and personality. To achieve this, a unique personal logo design was crafted that is both iconic and flexible for diverse applications.

The goals of the personal logo design were clear: first, to create a unique "JR88" mark that could be easily recognizable and memorable. Second, to reflect Jack Ressler's character, roots, and personality. Third, to create an iconic mark that could be used across a range of applications. Finally, the logo design needed to be flexible, enabling it to be used across a range of contexts and platforms.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

It was a challenge to express four words in one mark, but I am very satisfied with the result.

Nathan Kim

Hello My name is Nathan Kim.
I am a brand design specialist in LA.

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