Jeonju Kijeon University Deoksam Memorial Hall

– Location: Jeonbuk Jeonju-si Joonghwansan-dong
– Orderer: Jeonju Kijeon University
– Construction: Jeonju Kijeon University – Koo Dong Hoi
– Supervision of Construction: HAPPYMAKER DESIGN STUDIO [JOHN HAN / Seo Won Baek ]
– Furniture manufacture: Gagura Inc. – Assistant Manager Park Bong Hee [+82 10-8077-0000]
– sign construction : World Design, Choi Hyung Seok
– Internal and external metal and windows and doors construction: Kim Nam Gon

Jeonju Kijeon University is a Christian school with 60 years of history, and is composed of departments focused on actual education. The president Cho Hee Cheon started this project in hopes of enhancing student welfare by increasing the opportunity for the hands on experiences of students before being hired, and to enhance the aged school facilities.

This space is operated with the cooperation of medical skincare / sommelier barista / wedding flower / baking / departments

The Christian colors were endowed, and the space was interpreted without sense of difference with the internal/external environment with history.

In case of the 1st floor, the gigantic rocks and mountain in the back were invited indoors with the large window and was utilized as natural decorative factors.
The 2nd floor placed a structure similar to a church to separate the moving routes, and this structure may be utilized for the graduation exhibition or other school events.

1st floor / Underground – Utilized as the experiencing room for beauty design departments and medical skincare department
With the hands-on experience with the students, it is serviced to students / school faculty / visitors.
Haircuts, dying, perms, make-up, nail treatments and skin treatments are provided.

2nd floor – Utilized as the experience room for wedding flower departments / sommelier barista department / hotel baking department / industrial design department.

3D Water Zet equipment room / Flower shop / Café/ Seminar / Small-sized student hall / Open library
Serviced to the students, visitors and the school faculty.

Coffee and drinks of professional baristas / Fresh bread baked on the same day serviced daily

first step : measurement
second step : drawing floor plan with auto cad
third stdp : make 3d with rhino 3d
fourth step : material mapping and lighting set up with 3d max
fifth step : rendering with 3dmax and vray
sixth step : retouching with adobe photoshop
senventh step : make proposal document with adobe illustrator

Schools in Korea are conservative.
The project was enthusiastically supported by students.

Because of this project,
I think I have reduced psychological distance.

The organization that is conducting the project
I felt the difference of opinion between the objects.

Because of this project space, the spacing between the two could be narrowed more easily than was thought.

Space changes daily life.

john han

happymaker design studio
interior design / furniture design / lighting design
from korea