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Jiménez - Orozco Rebranding

Jiménez - Orozco Rebranding

Carlos Avila
April 13, 2020
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Jiménez Orozco is an architectural firm located in Costa Rica that focuses on architectural design, interior design, construction and consulting services for around 20 years now. The owners were looking for a fresher brand identity so I accepted the challenge to redesign their logo.
My intention with the new design is to create a brand identity that is well connected with their core values as a brand but without taking functionality away.

Regarding the design process I started by studying everything I could about architecture, I reviewed magazines, books, documentaries, interviews and some other resources in order to better understand the architectural world from the design and conceptualization point of view.

Once I completed the brief I realized that the real challenge is that there are two members of the firm and they wanted to showcase different design perspectives in their brand because they could not make it before with their logo. Because they were the ones who have created the previous version of the brand, somehow they felt rooted to it, they were not just looking for a better design for their brand, they were looking to have something that will connect their differences as architects but without neglecting elegance and simplicity.

Once I understood all those important details, pencils and papers appeared then the ideas started to emerge in order to connect concepts and translate them into a brand design.
In one hand this style is a combination between exaggeration in order to show creativity and stylishness, on the other hand the sober use of typeface is to show trajectory, confidence and structure and that was when colors were defined; strong orange to expose facts like energy, passion, strength and contrast it with more sober colors in order to exemplify brand values and aspects like elegance, security and trust.

First I started creating some sketches using pencils and papers, once the design idea was clear enough I implemented the use of Adobe Illustrator to create the entire brand design, and then Adobe Photoshop in order to showcase the brand concept through more realistic visuals.

The owners reacted better than I expected because they agreed with the new brand look, their clients have provided good feedback regarding their new look and regarding my experience, I have learned how architects balance their stylized design and functionality through their projects.

PD. I had only one shot to have my design proposal approved, I created one design proposal for the client but fortunately no changes were requested.

Carlos Avila

I am a 25 years old publisher designer, I work as a visual marketing designer at Talkpush and I also have worked as an individual providing clients with professional services as a designer, image consultant, developing and enhancing various brandings, photographer and even as a company consultant in the marketing and selling strategies area.

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