JIMMY. – Just Another Watch

This is a project I made as the last piece of designs for my 5th Year of High School here in Italy before embarking on a journey to study in Chicago. This project took almost a month to complete and the presentation itself it’s been studied up until the last detail.

I chose the materials and style by using objects I analyzed previously as references. There is the handle of my Vespa 50, Achille Castiglioni’s switcher I disassembled and drew piece by piece last year, a greek column and an interesting texture on a box found online. This was my visual board.

I modeled everything on Rhinoceros but before that I found a way to prototype the leather bands as realistic as possible having no industrial machinery at my disposal. In fact after a thorough research on the material I found out I could mould it myself and on behance there’s the full process.

I haven’t heard anything yet the video presentation will be coming soon and only then it’ll be over. I worked more with my hands and I sure did learn about presentation a lot. I also had to learn about Sketch which is the best tool for designing interface.

Yes if you could tell me if you’d buy it or if you’d finance it, it would be great.

Aldo Petruzzelli

I’m a student of Industrial Design in High School.