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Johnnie Walker Label Design

Johnnie Walker Label Design

Artem Gusev
May 29, 2018
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Kyiv Academy of Media Arts in the end of 2017 launching a contest for design of Johnnie Walker whiskey label. This contest consist of label design and digital activities for customization your personal label. Digital activities include landing page with label constructor, where you can create your own label by choosing more likely template and typing personal festive message.

The design concept is to create a typographic pattern to reflect a variety of whiskey tastes, with focus on brand slogan - "keep walking". Dynamic style of typography reflecting whiskey as a product. The idea was to create clean design template without superfluous details. “Red label” always produced in red so color palette were predicted.

First I was analyzed a brief, where I find all necessary information. Then I create few drafts of design for “Red label” and “Black label” in different styles. When contest finished, only one design were approved, it was “Red type” concept for Johnnie Walker “Red label”. In this work I used best Adobe triple – Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Contest were finished with 10 winners, and my label design one of them. It was a good experience to be a part of big contest and create designs that will be live in real life. This Contest give's me an enthusiasm to testing my design power and experience how to work with new kind of product, especially big brand like Johnnie Walker.

Every contest it’s a opportunity to show how good you are as design professional and possibility to work on different kinds of design projects.

Artem Gusev

Art director from Kyiv, Ukraine

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