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Jon Sknull by Alexandre Chaudret

Jon Sknull by Alexandre Chaudret

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June 29, 2015

Are you a big fan of Game of Thrones, specifically the Night Watch's Lord Commander Jon Snow? Then, this is for you. Check out Alexandre Chaudret, Character Designer's sick Jon Snow redesign as 'Jon Sknull'.

The piece "Jon Snkull" is a fanart redesign I made for the group Brainstorm, that proposes several challenges through the month. It is based on the character of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow. For the rest... you know nothing.
-Alexandre Chaudret


Since a few years, I have fun doing "skull" headed characters, a little bit like a signature in my personnal work. When I saw the Brainstorm challenge on redesigning Game of Thrones, I chose the character Jon Snow for his dark costume and silhouette, the Crow habit, that inspired me. For the rest, I just imagined a nightwatch guard saying : "You know nothing Jon Sn.... waaaaait a minute, is that a skull ?!"
-Alexandre Chaudret





Step by step

Never, ever, give up. If you have cool stories to tell, then there is no reason not to succeed on your own way.
-Alexandre Chaudret


Alexandre Chaudret is a 28-year-old french concept artist. He has been working in the video game industry as a professional since 2011. His only goal is to bring to life cool characters in badass/weird/dark stories, nothing more, nothing less. See more of his work at Behance or his website.

3 comments on “Jon Sknull by Alexandre Chaudret”

  1. This is pretty badass my friend. I like how you start off with cloak first and then fill it in with detail. Very cool!

  2. Oh daaaamn, I don't want to be the one who attacks the night watch now.
    I like it how you take his personality or habits and turn it into clothes, like the crow clothes, really cool.

    darn, now I wish I could draw like this

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