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Jorge's Portrait

Jorge's Portrait

Gus Arrieta
August 26, 2019
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This was a commission for a digital art portrait for my younger brother Jorge. He wanted a portrait of himself that expresses his personality. The idea came to him because I had made a self-portrait with my style a few weeks ago for social media use and he loved it.

My younger brother wanted a portrait with my style, I love comic books, pop art and cross-hatching shadowing, so then I mixed all this on one art piece. I always spend time trying to give personality to my drawings and this one was no exception.

I started the sketch as always with pencil and paper, then for the inking and coloring process, I drew it on Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intous Pro Tablet. I used a variety of personal brushes for the inking, the coloring and the shadowing.

A lot of people wanted me to draw them portraits about them, their family and friends, and even their pets after I shared this project. It was a pretty fun project to do and it had a lot of response on social media.

Gus Arrieta

Hi, I'm Gus Arrieta, a professional illustrator, comic maker, and tattoo artist. My passion is to draw and pop culture. I studied Graphic Design on the Universidad Intercontinental of Mexico City, but after a few years of working as a graphic designer and being a tattoo apprentice, I decided to dedicate myself completely to illustration, tattoos and comics. Right now I'm living and working in Mexico City.

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