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Maria Lyng
June 28, 2018
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The project was to create a clean logotype and symbol for JRSMITH JEWELLERY by Josefine Rønsholt Smith, a Goldsmith and Master of Arts specializing in jewellery. Josefine creates really unique pieces that I would sometimes call art instead of jewellery.

The client, Josefine, had a clear vision of the symbol she wanted combined with a minimalistic logotype. The flask with the bird is an old reference from the world of alchemy. The specific symbol is part of a series which means to refine or purify. The symbol in its new appearance refers to the way a jeweller refines a design and the technical composition of a piece of jewellery.

My branding projects always start with handdrawn sketches - it's the most natural way for me to start and you get quicker result I feel. The selected sketch(es) are then scanned or photographed and imported into Adobe Illustrator to be vectorized.

The project has had an overall good response and people really like the idea behind the symbol - and that's all thanks to the client Josefine. Sometimes the solution doesn't have to be obvious - it good to be able to tell a story.

Maria Lyng

Illustration, Graphic Design & Art Direction Studio.
Maria Lyng founded the design studio in 2013.
With a high attention to detail she creates unique aesthetic design of high quality for editorials, invitations, packaging, visual identities and illustrations.

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